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25. Male. College grad. Musician and full time Audio Engineer. Originally from Detroit, schooled in Chicago, now working in Miami. I like guitars and hockey and redheads and Canadian indie music.

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wow I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING today

Ready for Critical Mass tomorrow and then weekenddddddd

Birthday in 2 weeks

Vacation in ~3 weeks? Maybe?

  -  24 April

1 week before Amazon starts charging sales tax in Florida. :((((

What should I buy???

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I may have bought myself fake flowers at Ikea for my desk at work. #becauseitsthecup

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Today the FCC announced new plans to move forward with their changes to Net Neutrality. 

"The new rules, according to the people briefed on them, will allow a company like Comcast or Verizon to negotiate separately with each content company — like Netflix, Amazon, Disney or Google — and charge different companies different amounts for priority service."

Don’t let anyone fool you - these changes are BAD for consumers. Say Comcast buys Pinterest. Comcast could then throttle speeds to competing sites (ie TUMBLR) unless Tumblr pays Comcast to be a “partner” of some kind. 

Where this really gets fucked up though, is with video. Comcast already offers a streaming service through their Xfinity, but this would allow them to throttle sites like Hulu, Netflix, or even Youtube, in order to encourage use of their own site. Again, unless these companies get in bed with Comcast.

"With this proposal, the FCC is aiding and abetting the largest ISPs in their efforts to destroy the open Internet," Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron said. "Giving ISPs the green light to implement pay-for-priority schemes will be a disaster for startups, nonprofits and everyday Internet users who cannot afford these unnecessary tolls."

This is not only bad for consumers, but could prove detrimental to small businesses, tech companies, and small ISPs who can’t afford “pay to play”. This is bad. Very bad.

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Slowly turning my apartment into something presentable


Corridors of Power

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Time to get wasted and see if I can build Ikea furniture before I pass out

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."

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