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26. Male. College grad. Musician and full time Audio Engineer. Originally from Detroit, schooled in Chicago, now working in Ft Lauderdale. I like guitars and hockey and redheads and Canadian indie music.

  Jul 28th

We passed over a big storm tonight and it was p cool


If someone carves into a sapling with a knife
the injury is as wide as the entire trunk.
Though that mark will never fully heal
you can grow the tree around it
and as you grow,
the scar gets smaller in proportion.

If you, right now, are in a shell
you should know
that you’re not alone

That there are many, many other people like you

and that there’s nothing wrong with you

It might even be necessary right now
It might keep you safe for time

But after the danger is gone
and after it’s exhausted its use
You’ll find a way out.

You may need help.
You might need to work pretty hard.
You may need to find some ways to laugh at yourself
or find a passion
or a friend
but you will find it.
And when you do,
it will be so good to see you

Thought about this a lot today.

  -  28 July

This album makes everything better.

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"Our plane is here, our pilots are here, we’re just waiting for our flight attendants to arrive from Atlanta, we expect to be boarding in about an hour"

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This is what happens when your flight is delayed 2 hours.

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#nofilter needed. Love Chicago always and forever. (at The Signature Lounge, 95th Floor, John Hancock Tower)

My brother finally got a job and is moving to Florida and staying with me indefinitely (read: until I kick him out in 2 weeks)

"If they don’t need you, it’s okay. You don’t live for other people."

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I love this city so much.

  Jul 26th

#freepalestine #freegaza rally in Chicago (at State Street)