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25. Male. College grad. Musician and full time Audio Engineer. Originally from Detroit, schooled in Chicago, now working in Miami. I like guitars and hockey and redheads and Canadian indie music.

Last sunday was shitty out, so I never made it to the beach after work.

Tomorrow is easter and all, but I don’t really know what else to do with myself so…

  -  19 April
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I relate to this on a spiritual level

This can’t be important//If you’re not listening

I can’t be important//’cause you’re not hearing me

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-Abandoned underground station in Paris converted into a pool

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White out

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Things that happened today:

  • Got to work at 8am
  • 2 of our stagehands were very late
  • old analog snake is very very old and has like a billion bad channels
  • PM5d took a shit
  • replacement m7 had several bad faders
  • snare drum was somehow coming through the guitar amps. That’s a new one.
  • "superfan" harassed me during soundcheck and I had him escorted off the field.
  • Band had an engineer so I literally watched my phone screen all night getting play by plays of the hockey game
  • Mike actually almost died when forklift nearly knocked over warehouse shelves
  • Taco Bell was closed
  • It’s now 4:27am and I’m going to a nerdfighter meetup in like 7 hours but first I need to sleep for about 63 hours
  • Also easter is on Sunday with a 6am call time and ughghgh 
  • SPIDER ON THE WALL JUST NOW - all I could do was just shout “No. No. No. No. No”. Cat ate it.
  • Rum
  • Rum
  • Rum
  • Bedtime.


stop reblogging me i hate you

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Sadly this is how I have to watch the wings tonight. Air Supply in the background, but honestly who gives a shit? It’s playoff time

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The pm5d died.

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For the rare occasion where absolutely everything goes to shit.


Photographers Take Epic Car Photographs by Lighting Up a Frozen Lake from Below


What’s the worst part about being a lighting designer? Telling your parents you’re gay.

What’s the worst part about being a video op? Telling your parents you’re a video op.