Underwater Mess
26. Male. College grad. Musician and full time Audio Engineer. Originally from Detroit, schooled in Chicago, now working in Ft Lauderdale. I like guitars and hockey and redheads and Canadian indie music.

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Bae 💖

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Closing time.


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boston, august 30th
thomas cadrin, 2014


More fun from Folkway Music in Waterloo, Ontario Canada:

  1. Left to right:  1963 Gibson B25-12, 1929 Gibson Nick Lucas Special, 1932 Martin C-1
  2. Another look at the 1929 Nick Lucas Special.  $7,000 USD!
  3. 2010 PRS Lefty Custom 22
  4. 1927 Martin 0-18K Lefty
  5. Earth, sky, scenery. Is she coming back again? Men of straw, snooker hall. Words that build or destroy Dirt dry, bone, sand and stone.  Barbed wire fence cut me down.  I’d like to be around in a spiral staircase To the higher ground.
  6. Loft Building, Kitchener.
  7. Incredible Taylor inlays!  PS16ce.
  8. 2011 Gretsch White Falcon & 1968 Fender Telecaster.
  9. Another look at that Taylor PS16ce
  10. An evil farm.  On the bad side of town.  You can just feel the evil oozing from it, right?  Right???

The White Falcon tho

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is this the fault in our stars

A heartbreaking moment

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#1 Safety


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It’s all a matter of perspective. 

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Congress Palace Auditorium (Palacio Congresso Oviedo), Spain

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